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School Office

From monday to friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Campus I – 2nd grade onwards

Rua Dr. Francisco Pati, 40 - Vila São Francisco - São Paulo-SP CEP 05352-090 - Phone: 55 11 2168-4100 Cell: 97201.1703


Campus II – Preschool and 1st grade

Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 5240 – Vila Lageado – São Paulo / SP CEP 05340-002 – Phone: 55 11 3198-9295 Cell: 99892.4605


History, Mission and Vision


The Escola do Futuro is a multicultural school that offers bilingual education providing the student more than just social communication skills in both languages; it also allows the student to start molding and respecting their own identity while setting aside the different cultures that surrounds them.

The multicultural factor develops citizenship. It allows the student to be aware of self and others, respect the community, the environmental rules they live in and has the ability to take responsibility for their actions, regardless of what part of the globe they could be at.

The main objective is to prepare the young leaders so that the world becomes a single space, without frontiers, with unlimited possibilities for their formation, their professional future and the healthy experience within any culture.

Escola do Futuro prides itself on being an institution accredited by AdvancED, which serves to demand certain actions from the school, making it increasingly qualified and in preserving its international curriculum. The English language is not used only as a content but as a mediator to instruction.

It is recognized by the MEC (Ministério da Educação e Cultura) com o currículo organizado de forma estabelecida pelos Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais.


In order to implement a vision of live education, sustained by ethics, by principles of character and academic excellence, in 1995 a group of educators led by Yvonne Muniz flew to Dallas in order to meet the required training program on the methodology developed by the School of Tomorrow.

Once the formation was over, the group began to dedicate itself on implanting the method A.C.E., and from it, Escola do Futuro emerged > EDF.

EDF 1998, the Escola do Futuro is inaugurated, with 89 students in Early Childhood and Elementary Education courses, taught in two languages: English and Portuguese. The proposal was guided by an individualized perspective, which works with the sixty character traits taught in the Bible. Thus, it became the first school to adopt the Christian method of individualized ACE instruction in Brazil.

EDF 1999 – 2000 went from 157 students to 272, a growth that lead the team to search for a new, larger location.

EDF 2001 with 292 students and its new conquers: a move to our current address, large implemented changes based on a bold, modern project and the authorization to minister a High-School level course.

With such strong growth in the first years of work, Escola do Futuro has become symbol of ACE in Latin America and hires Brazilian educators as well as educators from other countries who adopt the same job profile

EDF 2003 overpasses the 400-student mark and forms its first group of High-School students, a reason for great pride and satisfaction.

EDF 2004 – 2005 as well as the growth in student numbers, the expansion and acquisition of new spaces, we brought comfort to the community. At this time, a knowledge rich environment becomes present.

EDF 2006 obtains recognition as a World Model School in adopting the ACE method and for its commitment to maintain excellence in all areas; the evaluation process to the International Accreditation by the CITA (Commission of International and Trans-Regional Accreditation) occurs; the authorization to issue High School conclusion certificates with international recognition.

EDF 2009 10 years of foundation and qualification in the ENEM (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio) between the top 20 schools of São Paulo.

EDF 2010 600 students enrolled in all part-time and full-time program; a staff of around 100 members.

EDF 2012 resumed its accreditation review process with the American agency AdvancED receiving continued accreditation for the next five years.

New achievement for Early Childhood Education, and the construction of a new unit – planned space for children in this age group, with architectural design executed in accordance with our educational proposal in order to ensure the learning and the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and ethical development of our children.

Thinking about the fundamental importance of early childhood stimulation, those responsible for early childhood education segment provide activities for the development of learning, respecting the stages of the student. The student is happy to learn. The new challenges are proposed in order to provide the student means to meet challenges in their own pace and creativity. However, always observing situations where the challenges can be magnified.

EDF 2013 15 years of existence, a celebration that propelled the continuity of growth and in the contribution of EDF for an education that is much more relevant and meaningful in our society.

EDF 2015 with the demands of society and consequently, in education, the school revisited and revamped its management team structure generating a new organizational chart. This new formation, with more specific departments and functions in serving the student and supporting the school services, will result in higher academic quality, ethics training and leadership of students in excellence.


Provide the students with an outstanding bilingual and Christian education, empowering them as citizen leaders, who can effect social changes in the world.

To prepare citizen leaders who can effect positive social changes in the world, founded on solid Christian principles.


An education that goes beyond the academic knowledge and one that launches deep bases to inculcate character marks.

Our compromise 

Educate for life.