Palavra da Fundadora

We see our students as diamonds, we are responsible for their education and as artisans, we polish them.  

An uncut diamond resembles a simple pebble, which most people would pass by without noticing it. The skill of a diamond polisher is to bring the fascinating beauty that exists inside a diamond. The technique of a diamond polisher is an art.

We believe that educating is a God-given art. The diamond cutter works with fine precision, because any mistake asides from the hours and months of lost work, is also the loss of half the original weight of the stone.

The beauty of a diamond depends on how it reflects the lights. The precision and the finesse, which the diamond is cut, determine its shine, its fire, and its value.We are a multicultural, Christian and bilingual school.

As the craftsman works the gem in a way the light passes freely through the stone and reflects the light, the Escola do Futuro and the family should consciously and in common agreement work on the development of our children’s character.

Besides attending our challenges as an educator, we have been concerned about the post-modern world and we have been attentive to all the changes. This leads us to devote more time and actions for moral development, emotional balance, sociability, political knowledge, and awareness of our students.

This way, we can achieve maximum refraction of light, which will make our diamonds, our beloved students, citizens prepared to face society, and potential transformers of a better world.

Ivonne Muniz

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