Quick info

School Office

From monday to friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Campus I – 2nd grade onwards

Rua Dr. Francisco Pati, 40 - Vila São Francisco - São Paulo-SP CEP 05352-090 - Phone: 55 11 2168-4100 Cell: 97201.1703


Campus II – Preschool and 1st grade

Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 5240 – Vila Lageado – São Paulo / SP CEP 05340-002 – Phone: 55 11 3198-9295 Cell: 99892.4605


Educational Proposal


The educational proposal of Escola do Futuro aims to provide conditions for the students to develop skills, autonomous thinking, the construction of individual identity and critical awareness to understand and actively participate in social life, in full awareness and supportive manner to understand their role as a transformer of a better world, in a more human and fraternal way.
In this concept, the teaching-learning methodology provides the student ways to expand what they already know, by exposing them to hypothesis that they may be unaware of, enabling the development of autonomy in relation to the production and acquisition of academic knowledge and metacognition, leading them to learn.
In this manner, when the student becomes the agent of their own learning process, they become:

• Is investigative in the search for answers to their anxiety and start justifying their ideas;

• Is creative and not only as a mere breeder or information;

• Is conscious of their capacity, their rights and duties;

• Is ethical and able to put in practice their trace of learnt character, which is an imperative condition for a good intellectual and moral formation and to face difficulties as well as overcome them.