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School Office

From monday to friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Campus I – 2nd grade onwards

Rua Dr. Francisco Pati, 40 - Vila São Francisco - São Paulo-SP CEP 05352-090 - Phone: 55 11 2168-4100 Cell: 97201.1703


Campus II – Preschool and 1st grade

Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 5240 – Vila Lageado – São Paulo / SP CEP 05340-002 – Phone: 55 11 3198-9295 Cell: 99892.4605




The dress code is the set of rules governing the type of clothing and accessories accepted in an institution. The Escola do Futuro understands the importance of use of the uniform as well as its use to fulfill the purpose of communicating its vision and mission, contributing to the strengthening of its identity.

We believe that the partnership with the parents is the main influence on the students’ attitude in relation to the dress code.

The use of the uniform is mandatory for all school activities and all items must contain the School’s logo.

Sports uniform, worn 3 times a week: Black or navy Sweatpants, grey tactel shorts or skirt- shorts (skorts), gray t-shirt, gray sweat-coat, sneakers, preferably white or black.

Formal Uniform worn twice a week.

Girls: Formal skirt and polo T-shirt, grey, white or black socks, all black sneakers or shoes.

Boys: Formal grey pants and polo shirt, grey or black socks, all black sneakers or shoes.

The uniform may not be customized.

PRE-SCHOOL – Sport uniform daily.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL from 1st through 9th grades – Sport uniform alternated with the Formal uniform, on days set by coordination.

HIGH-SCHOOL – Sport uniform daily.